Bringing Sexy Back
+Magalie - 18.

“I was wrong I admit Numb from your kiss While you were slipping through my fingertips"

i’m so glad i filmed over and over last year 

i probably cant send you anything bc my parents don’t know about my internet friends :/// BUT i will make you something and post it on here don’t worry!! hmm so it’s on the 23rd?? just to make sure lol

haha its okay seriously i wasnt expecting u to sent me anything omg and yes yes its on the 32rd i see u were good at math in school ;)

The Signs As Hot Beverages


Aries- Americano

Taurus- Hot Apple Cider

Gemini- Capuccino

Cancer- Hot Coco

Leo- Irish Coffee

Virgo- Tea

Libra- Mocha

Scorpio- Black coffee

Sagittarius- Steamer

Capricorn- Latte

Aquarius- Shot of Espresso

Pisces- Chai latte, coffee, etc.

wherever you are > amnesia

c0linfords replied to your post “i hope yall know when my bday is and when i mean when i mean this…”

im so stress i don’t know what exact day your birthday is IM SORRY but tell me and i will make u something special :-D

omg no don’t stress i wasnt saying this for u to make me something but pssssshhhhh i hope u good at math cause its in 21 days


This is just adorable

Ashton sharing his jelly beans with the fans +

zelounorr replied to your post: WAIT U CAN BUY ME CLOTHES AND SEND THE…

My city’s shops are horrible i mean i only buy h&m stuff, plus i dont even have money to buy myself clothes lol

nahhh i was kidding tho i would cry if someone ever do this for me omg

but like europe has so many nice shops that we dont have in canada im so sad

If These Sheets Were the States

If These Sheets Were the States