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#2: Road trips

Luke: You two decided long ago that the second he set foot back in Australia you two would spend a weekend together at his grandparent’s beach house. For the first two hours it was classic road trip; both of you laughing and singing along to his iPod that was currently on shuffle, talking about the shenanigans he and boys got up to while on tour and how your first year of university was. You were on a happy high; you had your best friend back for a couple of months and you two were starting your time together off right. Sighing and leaning back into the seat, you listen contently as Luke hums along to his iPod. You grab the small contraption out of the cup holder and being flipping through his playlists. Does the kid have enough, Christ? You stop cold when a particular playlist catches your eye. “Luke?” your cautious voice causes his tapping on the steering wheel and light humming to stop. “Why do you have a playlist named after me?” You watch as his grip on the steering wheel tightens while he pulls in his lip to start gnawing on the piercing that rest there. “I uh, you know,” he lets out a nervous cough and you can’t help but smile a little bit. “Just miss you a lot when I’m on the road so you know…” he trails off, hoping you can fill in the blanks. “You made a playlist for me?” you question in a timid voice. Luke shrugs his broad shoulders, refusing to make eye contact. “Not necessarily for you.” And you feel your heart drop just a little at his words. “Oh,” you mumble, toying with the smooth surface of his iPod. You feel his warm hand incase your bare knee and give a gentle squeeze before running the pads of his fingers up and down the inside of your lower thigh. “It’s a playlist of songs that remind me of you.” You glance up but are just met with his profile, you see a hint of a smile of his face but you choose to not point it out. “And why do you have such a playlist Hemmings?” You grab his hand and softly begin to play with his fingers; you were baiting him now, hoping he’d give you an honest answer. “Because when I miss home, it’s not actually Oz or even my house that I really miss,” and he finally cast his sunglass covered gaze to you. “It’s you.”
Michael: “I cannot believe you got us lost! You fucking live here for Christ sakes.” Michael’s voice bellowed from the passenger seat. “HEY! It’s not my fault okay? You were the one in charge of the map, but instead you were too busy flirting with the waitress to remember to program in our destination.” You were fuming. How dare he blame this all on you, tears were blurring your vision but furiously blinked them away. “And to top it all off, you left our only car charger in the fucking restaurant, I swear to God, I could ring your neck Michael Clifford.” This wasn’t how this trip was supposed to be going. You two were suppose to be laughing and blaring music, playing road trip games until you made it to Malibu. You two haven’t properly spent anytime together in the past year and it broke your heart in more way than one. “Fuck,” you heard Michael curse under his breath and that’s when you realized you were crying. “I didn’t mean to make you cry. I’m sorry, please pull over.” You shook your head, your stubborn ways getting the better of you. “It’s fine. I’m fine.” He didn’t push the matter, in fear that you would grow even angrier with him so he just kept his mouth shut. You two drove in silence for the next 45 miles, the only reason you finally pulled off is because gas was running low and the only sign of civilization was a small Bed ‘n’ Breakfast at the next exit. Once you put the car in park and climbed out, you found yourself immediately wrapped into Michael’s embrace. “I’m sorry I’m such an ass,” was his mumbled words as he kissed the top of your head. You buried your head further into his comfy jumper, you didn’t know why you were crying, but once it started you just couldn’t stop. “I just – I wish I was enough for you.” He pulled you back, his face screwed up in confusion as he wiped your tears away with the pads of his thumbs. “What’re you talking about, darling? You’re always enough for me.” You shook your head before dropping your gaze to your feet. “I’m sorry I got us lost, I’m sorry you’re gonna be stuck in this tiny B and B with me and not one of the girls you’ve talked to along the way, and I’m just sorry this is how you have to spend your weekend.” You felt his fingers slip under your chin, forcing you to make eye contact with him. “There’s no other way and no other person I want to spend this weekend with. Do you understand that?” You were about to protest until you felt his lips softly meet yours in a gentle kiss. When he pulled back, he placed his forehead to yours and looked adoringly into your eyes. “Do you understand that?”
Ashton: He clambered back into the car, slamming the door shut followed by a load huff passing his lips. He was soaking wet from the rain that had pelted down on him as he checked under the hood of the car to see what was wrong. “I think it’s a dead battery. I have jumper cables, but there’s no other cars insight.” It was true. You two seemed to be stranded on a small strip of highway with no signs of life for miles. You and Ashton were headed back from a much-needed vacation, the drive from the airport back into Sydney was only two hours, but Ashton’s car managed to crap out 20 miles away from civilization. “We could call Luke to come get us?” You suggested even though it was a hopeless cause. Luke didn’t even have his license yet let alone a car. “And make Liz come all this way? No, not happening. I’m calling a tow.” The phone call was brief, the man on the other line telling Ashton to stay put – like they had an option – and that someone would be out there within the hour. You sat in your seat, idly picking at your nails until you heard the sound of Ashton’s still semi wet flannel hit the floor of the car. Glancing over, you sucked in a breath as his toned torso seemed to glisten due to the rain droplets still left there from his shirt. He was running a hand through his unruly curls as you quietly unbuckled your seatbelt and ran a hand up and down his stiff jean-clad thigh. “Hey Ash,” you purred into his ear causing his upper body to tense. “I might have an idea on how we could kill an hour.” A small growl bubbled up his throat and in one swift motion he had dropped his seat back and pulled you into his lap. You let out a squeal as his cold hands came into contact with your stomach, gliding your shirt off your body with ease. “The very nice gentleman on the phone told me not to move the car and I’d told him I’d happily oblige,” he mumbled against your lips before skillfully pinning you under him. “But I think I’m just going to have to break that rule.”
Calum: It’s not like he meant to get you guys lost. It just happened, he was too caught up in you two talking and laughing and finally being alone together after 7 months of being apart. Everything was going smoothly until he accidentally took the wrong exit, swearing up and down that he didn’t need the GPS that died 20 minutes ago. He knew where he was going, you two had been going there since you were kids. But things were different now. Now you were grown up and you grew into your body nicely and your voice reminded him of honey and he never got enough of it. So he couldn’t really be held accountable for taking the wrong exit because you were lightly humming along with the radio. But you seemed to think otherwise. “Dammit Calum! You’ve gotten us completely turned around.” You seethed, bringing your maps app to life. “I’m sorry! It wasn’t my fault!” He whined while pulling off to the side of the road. You scoffed and rolled your eyes. “Yeah, because it’s totally mine.” Your voice was laced with sarcasm but his frustration and emotions got the better of him. “Yes it is your fault! It’s your fault because your voice is my favorite thing to listen to, it’s your fault because you look absolutely stunning without even trying, and it’s absolutely your fault that you’re all I could think about while I was gone. All I wanted was you there with me.” He found the courage to look at you, wide eyes and pretty pink mouth slightly open in awe. “It’s your fault because you’re my biggest distraction.” And in that moment you forgot that you were stranded on the side of the highway with absolutely no idea where you were. You unbuckled your seatbelt and quickly found yourself straddling Calum’s lap, your lips inches from his. “Am I at least a good distraction?” His eyes darkened and he pulled you closer into him, a small growl escaping his lips. “The fucking greatest.”
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I just really like their simultaneous jumps x

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YA book meme : ten books or series [01/10]

The only French word I know is oui, which means “yes,” and only recently did I learn it’s spelled o-u-i and not w-e-e. [anna and the french kiss]


hard as you fuck?

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for real i’m so happy all these alternative/rock magazines are supporting 5sos, i don’t care if they’re doing it just to get people to buy the magazine because either way they’re writing good things about them and giving them the chance to explain themselves and get accepted by the pop/punk music scene after touring with one direction. If these magazines wanted to, they could easily bash them and just reject them but they aren’t that makes me so happy for the boys because they deserve to be seen as a talented band and not 4 pretty boys with instruments

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hey we’re taking on the world

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make me choose:
↳ anonymous asked: michael’s smile or luke’s smile

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